Guaranteed to keep your favorite hummingbirds warm all winter long!!!
The Hummingbird Heinie Warmer Company
Because its cold outside!
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About Us

The Hummingbird Heinie Warmer Company was formed with one simple goal: To help hummingbirds thrive!

Founded in 2017, our mission to educate the public about how they can help hummingbirds. Warning about the use of artificial dyes in feeder nectar and how to create a hummingbird-friendly environment around your house are just two ways we are fulfilling our mission.

The Creation of The Hummingbird Heinie Warmer

On a cold December day, a few years ago, my wife, Sabrina, who’s kinda crazy about hummingbirds, and I were putting up our outdoor Christmas lights. As we worked, we discussed how there must be a way to keep the hummingbird feeders from freezing and help the hummingbirds find a way to get warm on chilly days. As I held the lights, which were plugged in and warm, I realized there might be a way. I took down a squirrel baffle that Sabrina had hung over her suet feeder, turned it upside down, placed the strand of lights in it and plugged them in. In just a few minutes, I could feel the warmth radiating from the bulbs. I drilled 3 small holes in the baffle, hung it upside down and suspended the hummingbird feeder in the middle. We carefully watched the feed over the next few weeks and realized the nectar did not freeze. We also observed that the hummingbirds would often get a drink of warm nectar, then sit on the edge of the bowl and ruffle their feathers to warm themselves. Sabrina started calling it her
Hummingbird Heinie Warmer. Sabrina had me make several Hummingbird Heinie Warmers to give to her friends for feedback and they observed the same amazing results. The following December, Sabrina was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. After a 3 year and 7 month fight, she lost her battle to the disease. As I emerged from my grief, I realized it would be fitting to patent and make available to everyone something I believe Sabrina would be proud of. 10% of every purchase of the Hummingbird Heinie Warmer will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance for the battle against Ovarian Cancer.

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