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Because its cold outside!
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Customer Testamonials

Here at Hummingbird Heinie Warmer Company, we stand by our product, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here are some excerpts from messages we have recieved from happy customers in their own words!

"We have loved having the Hummingbird Heinie Warmer during our cold, winter months in the Pacific Northwest when temperatures can drop to below freezing and our hummingbird feeder would freeze solid. The lights supply just enough heat to protect our feeder from freezing and also adds a festive bright spot to long, dark winter days and evenings. If you're tired of having your hummingbird feeder freeze solid on you, this product is perfect and an easy way to solve the problem."

Robin P. - Vancouver, WA

"It was a pleasant surprise to learn that hummingbirds live here year around. They are quite a delight to watch and a hummingbird feeder makes that a regular occurrence. The only problem I had was when the temperature dropped below freezing. The hummingbird nectar would freeze. I tried several different things in an attempt to keep the nectar liquid: moving the feeder under an eave of the house, putting an old sock over the nectar bottle of the feeder and swapping out the nectar bottle with another one that I kept inside the house. But at some point the nectar would freeze again. I just simple couldn’t stay on top of it. I felt so badly for my little hummingbird friends.

To my amazement there is an easy and fast to set up solution to this dilemma. I’ve been using a Hummingbird Heinie Warmer for about four years now. Not only does a Hummingbird Heinie Warmer keep the nectar liquid in freezing temperatures, the cheerful, colorful lights attract the birds and warm them as well. It’s quite an amusing show to watch a hummingbird perch itself on the edge of the Hummingbird Heinie Warmer and stretch out its wings or tail feathers as it warms itself.

I love my Hummingbird Heinie Warmer and know that all my little hummingbird friends are excited to have it in my garden too. I’m ordering more Humming Heinie Warmers for gifts for all my friends, family and neighbors knowing that they will be thrilled with theirs too. "

Carla M. - Chehalis, WA

"I'm amazed at the thought and design that went into this product. it's such a simple, but ingenious solution to the problem of freezing hummingbird feeders that is effective on several levels. It's one of those inventions you look at and think to yourself "why didn't I think of that?" Great idea!"

Tim P. - Ridgefield, WA

I was lucky enough to receive two of Dave’s Hummingbird Heinie Warmers and have used them for the past two winters. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we typically do not have months and months of freezing cold weather but we do have several weeks each year where temperatures can stay near or below the “freeze” mark even during daylight hours. Unfortunately, for my hummers, I am away from home during the day and this is the only practical solution I have found to keep my hummingbird food from freezing. Additionally, it is so nice to look out my windows and see the cheery lights under the feeders, during the darkest time of the year.

I have a small group of four or five Anna Hummingbirds that over-winter near my home in the country. The hummingbird feeders I use are the flat variety. I have found it very easy to adjust the distance between the lights and the particular size feeder I am using by simply adding an “S” hook if the feeder needs to be closer to the lights to prevent freezing. Once the cold weather has passed, the Heinie Warmer is so easy to store for use the next year and cleaning is a breeze. I have been very pleased with Dave’s ingenious but simple solution to keeping my hummers well fed during the winter months.I would highly recommend this product – you will be very pleased.  

Renee’ H. Battle Ground, WA




Dean and Marsha Spencer, Washougal, WA - Hummingbird Feeder at Sunrise
Hummingbird feeder at Sunset

Carla Mueller, Chehalis, WA - Feeder in the snow


Dave Mueller, Vancouver, WA - Backyard Test Unit B


Tina Henry, Vancouver, WA - Snowstorm feeding

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