Guaranteed to keep your favorite hummingbirds warm all winter long!!!
The Hummingbird Heinie Warmer Company
Because its cold outside!
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A Heinie Warmer?

Here at the Hummingbird Heinie Warmer Company, we enjoy helping out our friends in nature. One day, a few winters back, we noticed that hummingbirds, in particular, didn’t have a good way to get food during the winter months. All the flowers were dormant, sugar nectar feeders were chunks of ice, and the few hummingbirds in the area just looked downright cold. So, we set out to change that and the Hummingbird Heinie Warmer was born.

Using readily available waterproof outdoor decorative holiday lights, we have created something that keeps hummingbird feeders warm enough to feed from throughout the winter months and gives our hummingbirds a place to get warm while they drink. As anyone who has enjoyed a hot meal after playing in the snow knows, restorative heat gives you the strength to go on. This is even truer for the tiny hummingbird. Any warmth and energy we can give them increases their chances of survival in the winter months.



Customer Testimonials
"If you're tired of having your hummingbird feeder freeze solid on you, this product is perfect and an easy way to solve the problem."
~ Robin P. - Vancouver, WA

"But at some point the nectar would freeze again. I just simple couldn’t stay on top of it. I felt so badly for my little hummingbird friends.
To my amazement there is an easy and fast to set up solution to this dilemma."

~ Carla M. - Chehalis, WA


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